Canyon D´Os Cochas - Mascún Inferior

Technical Info

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Price: 70 €

Reception: 7:00 Rodellar

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Level: 4

Narrow canyon with strong rappels

Groups: 6 persons por guide

Included: neoprene suit, harness and helmet

Transportation: managed by the clients

Lodging: contact for information


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Name: Barranco D'Os Cochas, Sierra de Guara

1st Descent: September 29, 1996 by F. and V. Dugravier, JA Cuchí and E. Salamero

Country: Spain

Location: Rodellar, Huesca

Approach: We leave Rodellar towards the houses of Cheto, and once there we will follow the path to the ravine of the Virgin (30 min), cross it and follow the same path that goes up the right bank towards the head of the ravine of the Tables to then turn left and go towards the Mascún up to a hill with excellent views over it (1h) (photo 1).

We continue up to the channel of Esplunga and that leads us to the left going further into the Mascún on its left bank. The wide road descends slightly to the ravine d'A Glera (1h30min), a characteristic pedriza (glera). About 150 meters further down the canyon junction, a not very clearly track ascends to the right, ascending through a grove of trees and then descending to the Fornazos ravine (2h).

During the ascent from the ravine d'A Glera we will find some red spots painted on the rocks marking the path. From the ravine of Fornazos we follow the path to a hill in front of the Otín strip where the track trail disappears, it is only to reach the bed of our ravine (2h30min).

Return: Follow the Mascún Canyon until reaching Rodellar.

Mountain Range: Sierra de Guara 
Basin: Sector Mascún
Coord. GPS start waypoint: 30 T 742520.60 m E 4689511.32 m N
Coord. GPS end waypoint: 30 T 742180.23 m E 4689568.33 m N
Altitud start point: 1060m
Altitud end point: 870
Descent: 190m
Type of rock: Limestone

Description: Dry ravine in its initial part and aquatic in its final part as it flows into the Oscuros de Otín. To start we have a small ledge that will leave us in the first rappel of 5m. After it we will find the second rappel of about 20 meters from the tree and a few meters less if we use a new belay station that is a little lower than the tree and where the ropes will not friction so much.

You have to be careful with falling stones. Here there is still escape, but after the next rappel we enter the canyon and there is no escape. The ravine is gaining in interest until the last fractioned rappel that is the cherry on top of the cake.


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Any cancelation or refund will have a cost of 1€ for procesing expenses.

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Important notice:

  1. You must know how to swim


  1. Certified Canyoning Guide
  2. Neoprene wetsuit
  3. Helmet
  4. Insurance

Not Included:

  1. Transportation
  2. Food or drinks

Gear needed: 3x40 m, harness, helmet, descender, piece of rope for prusik or machard.
Neoprene: Needed for the return through the Mascún
Instalation material: The belay stations are installed on natural anchors and the ropes friction too much on a couple of them. Take anchoring material with you.
Observations: The last belay station is very small and can't accomodate more than 4 persons. You have to take a small pendulum to get to it. The last rappel will leave us in the Mascún where we will need to be careful with the flow it has.