Outdoor Activities for Groups

Outdoor Activities for Groups


Yurok Climbing organizes activities 100% customized for groups: Friends or Families, Schools or Companies.

We have some predefined activities that we organize more often:

Groups of Friends and Families

A snowshoeing route in winter or a canyon in the summer are perfect to gather your friends. Our special snowshoeing + building an iglu activity is ideal for all members of the family, of all ages.

Activities for Schools

Apart from indoor activities in our climbing center, we offer several outdoor activities for schools. The snowshoeing + building an iglu is usually the favorite winter activity for schools. But we also have orienteering raids with multiple activities, outdoor climbing, enviromental routes, and more.

Activities for Companies

For companies and work groups we offer several indoor activities in our climbing center as well as outdoor activities: snowshoeing, hiking, canyoning, climbing, orienteering, speleology...


You can always choose the activity that suits your needs, completely customizable, mixing our ingredients: indoor or outdoor climbing, rappel, zip line, slackline, archery, orienteering, paintball, hiking, speleology, canyoning, via ferrata, snowshoeing, building an iglu, survival workshops, courses, games, etc.


For more information call us: 911 730 426 or write us: info@yurokclimbing.com