Payment methods

1 day activities and courses

  • Once we have confirmed you the availability, you must pay the total amount due for the activity in 3 natural days counting from the day of confirmation.
  • If there's less than 3 days to the day of the activity, you must pay it the same day of confirmation.


2 days courses

  • Same conditions apply as in 1 day activities.


Payments can be made

  • By bank transfer, deposit in bank account, debit or credit card. (For all activities, courses and classes)
  • If payment is made by bank transfer you must inform us by phone or email:

911730426 or 646957811


For transfering

Name: Centro de Formación de Escalada, S.L.

CIF: B 88075577

Adress: C/ Aeronáutica, 31

Banco Popular

Account number (IBAN): ES78 0075 0279 2706 0705 0284


Payment with card

Call us on 911 730 426 to make your safe payment.